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Update by user Sep 22, 2012

>>UPDATEk\'s has since contacted me regarding this incident. They evaded responsibility by trying to claim the product was bought many years ago and has since been recalled. I have proof the product was NOT purchased long ago and that it was six months old and always kept in the original packaging.

Also, regarding the recall - there WAS in fact a recall for this product BEFORE I purchased it, meaning that the store was negligently selling this item AFTER it was recalled. Even more alarming is that customer service and the ***\'s risk team must have known about this recall yet they never once mentioned it during any of our exchanges until after the fact, once they had the resistance tube back in their possession.

For my injury and disgust with their company, ***\'s tried to buy me off with some gifts to \"win me back\" including a gift certificate to the store. I instantly threw it in the trash where it belongs. ***\'s won\'t get any business from me or anyone I know ever again.


Original review posted by user Aug 22, 2012

On August 17, 2012 I contacted Customer Service via the web contact page regarding the 15lb Resistance Tube I purchased from ***'s store in Millbury, MA.

Earlier, that same day, the Resistance Tube broke in mid workout during a triceps extension. The cheaply manufactured plastic fastener that holds the tube to the handle broke during normal, recommended use sending the tube shooting rapidly against my back, resulting in a welt on my back and possibly a pulled muscle/sprain.

Instantly recognizing the danger (Had I been doing a chest press, I could have knocked an eye out!) I did the responsible thing and attempted to contact ***'s to inform them of this danger before someone else gets more seriously injured.

I was dissapointed at how difficult is is to get through to ***'s as the web contact sheet is the only method and unfortunately, even after calling today, it did not result in speaking with anyone that seemed concerned about the dangers to customers that this product comes with.

After calling today to speak to someone, I was told I have to await a call from ***'s "Risk" team and I was not allowed a direct number to call to speak to anyone. I decided the best I could do is at least write an honest review of the occurrence, complete with detailed photos of the inferior product and the injury it caused me. Much to my greater disappointment, it turns out ***'s carefully edits all products reviews to be sure that only "positive" experiences (or perhaps those written by ***'s themselves) gets published.

So, it appears that not only does ***'s sell highly dangerous products and have inferior customer service - but they also take an additional step toward placing customers in harms way, by carefully editing out honest negative reviews/warnings posted in their product review section on the ***'s website! ***'s uses the same unethical practice on their social media pages. I have documentation to prove this!

I am very disappointing in ***'s and will be sharing this experience with my friends and family and at the gym where I sometimes train.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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Dude, contact the manufacture. Fitness gear is sold at multiple stores, not just DSG. By contacting DSG, you might get it pulled off their shelves, but by contacting a manufacturer, you get it pulled out of all stores that sell it, and then the manufacture will take a look at what is up with the product and reproduce it in a way that this won't happen.

Also, there are plenty of bad reviews on their website. They screen their reviews so that they aren't putting anything profane to protect young kids. Also ***'s employees run the risk of termination for writing reviews on their products on the DSG website. DSG also runs their website through a 3rd party as do many other retailers, so contacting the website won't do you any good.

Also there are two reviews on the DSG website that were posted before you contacted Customer Service that said the product broke just after they bought it. If you did some research, you would have found that maybe this product isn't a very good product. Plus as a general rule, fitness gear is a pretty cheap, low quality brand, I recommend not getting the item again.

As per your customer service experience, I understand being upset about what happened. It was very unfortunate that it had to happen to you or anyone else who might use the product. I do feel that the "risk team" and customer service, or lack thereof did not do a very good job of taking this seriously, though it really isn't the retailer's responsibility as much as it is the manufacturers. If the manufacture made the product right in the first place, you would not be in this mess.

Please do all of America a favor and submit your complaint to the manufacturer.

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