I went to exchange two dozen golf balls[a Christmass gift]for another brand.The golf balls I was exchanging were being sold for $35.00 for two dozen.I was only given A $21.00 dollar credit.I was told since I did not have a receipt,they would only give the lowest price for the item in the past 60 days,but they were going to put the item I was exchanging back on the shelf for $35.00 dollars.I told the manager I would start shopping at Golf Gallaxy,he said Dicks owns them to.I think I will shop at Edwin Watts.

Review about: Dicks Sporting Goods Manager.

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Audubon, Pennsylvania, United States #189783

No receipt, they don't know you or when they were purchased and now you expect them to give you back full price???

Unfortunate for you, but most stores will treat this situation in a similar fashion.


I have never had a pleasant experience with Dicks. Incompetant morons


Some of the ***’s employees honor the name….. I went yesterday to buy a pair of running shoes, and my experience at the store was unpleasant (I-10 n Warned store).

They do carry a nice shoe selection much better than other stores, but I just couldn’t put up with the incompetent and rude person that it is supposed to help you. They should re-think their floor distribution and do the help yourself to the shoes instead of having to put up with some little jack @$$!!!

The lady at the register was nice wishing us a good night as I walk out the store. (maybe not everyone at the store are jack @$$es only the punks at the shoe section)

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