I had gone to the Mall of Georgia Dicks on two occasions to make up my mind on a bicycle. I should have never gone back after the first time.

On both occasions I was never asked if I could be helped and there was no staff anywhere in site. On my last trip to the store I had done my research and was ready to purchase a bike. This would have been a $350.00 sale for them. I even went as far as to start pulling the most expensive bikes off the rack and riding them in the store and there was still no employee in site.

Not even security!?! And this is after I "accidentally / on purpose" knocked over a small display while riding a $900 bike over to the gun counter and back. All that and not even a GTFO!

So after that I took my business to REI across the street where within 2 min.

of entering the bike dept.

I was greeted by an employee who actually rides and knows his stuff. Yes, REI is more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

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