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My girlfriend asked me while she was at work to call and see if dicks still had a gun on sale and in stock. I called and they did.

After she got out of work she met me there. They instantly asked *** questions like why would I call if the gun was for her. I explained completely. The *** guy kept insinuating how the gun wasn't for her.

Her then asked her began to question her about the gun And why she wanted it and what she was gunna hunt. The whole time having a smart *** look on his face and kept saying what a big fine and jail time it is to buy a gun for someone else. after she bought it she left and I was standing by my car absolutely infuriated the guy just happens yo walk to his car while staring at me me with a *** look on his face. I left and went to the meaner gas station next door.

He also went there. Idk if it was a coincidence.

Or him checking up on us. *** dicks and that scrawny piece of ***

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Actually the store could have denied the sale because if a gun seller even has a thought that you are involved in a possible straw purchase they have every right to end the transaction. Please research straw purchase if you are unaware of the law. The clerk was telling you the truth it is a federal offense that involves serious prison time.

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