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Still a continued misbehavior! Mr wells is an alcoholic and commits adultery. His wife and the Corporate Management of Dicks Sporting Goods seem to be OK with this unethical,immoral and irresponsible behavior.

When Presented with Indisputable documentation:

1) He drives "down dirt roads" to drink and "play daily" twice a day - with another mans wife.

2)Drives children with open container".

3)Thousands of phone records many inquiring into the bank accounts of my Colleague..

4)Profoundly effected the well being of my Colleagues children;.

5) Dicks Sporting Goods Management disregarded the material as "resolved" Mr'. Wells is still employed as a General Manager!. (publish photos ATTACHED) there are 5 photos be sure to click on all of them! Just scratching the surface a sample of Photos: (Oct 2009 Through Feb 2011) ongoing behavior!. Time to stop him before he victimizes another family?. Do we want this man selling Guns? A danger to our community|. Are we going to wait until he kills someone driving while intoxicated. Favorite drinking spot Ono's Clay, NY. So those who want to B.S. now you have the rest of the story. Facebook is next.

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Paul Wells, *** Sporting Good promotes Paul Wells to Manager of Destiny USA, Syracuse, NY even though *** Senior management has in their hands. Paul Wells aggressively goes after women in and out of the Work place for his {{Redacted}} fantasy. Ruins lives destroys Families.


Dicks Sporting Goods totally protects the dude!


Paul wells Buuronwood trail, Liverpool NY is a piece of ***!All cares about is his drinking and ruining other people's lives!

His wife is the same way! They prey on families for their own thrills! Paul Wells prey on married women to satisfy his sick sexual fantasies and thrives on the control he has on others! If you know anyone who has been harmed by Paul or Kathy Wells Liverpool NY post it!

Make it public!

Paul Welks is the manager of Dicks Sporting Goods Liverpool, New York.He is a predator and needs to be stopped from harming another family!


If you think that's bad he worked 16 years ago at toys r us and destroyed my family also we have 3 kids.My wife's dignity has been shattered also my heart broken.

But I refused to end our marriage but only got full story a couple of days ago. He starts his game with my god you are so beautiful and don't forget he is the boss.he should be sued take all his money . But look at him , I still can't see how any one could fall for this predator .i saw his pictures and you would have to tie a pork chop around his neck just to get a dog to play wit him.

I believe it's his work position that allows him to continue to be a predator.

to Anonymous Clay, New York, United States #1029464

I dunno, I think he's kinda hot. I'd totally bang him.

to Your Wife #1029650

And you are Hellen Keller , I also have a dog you might like . Maybe you and slick might double date

to Anonymous Syracuse, New York, United States #1039022

Please contact us.Would like to get more information to use when we bring him down.

There are others this creep has also hurt.

The more we can present the stronger the case!Email: citizens.against.paulwells@gmail.com

to citizens against paulwells #1039575

How will that help?It was 17 years ago.

Trust me I want him hurt more than anyone. 17 years ago but only 3 weeks for me. Just got full story. He uses his position to its fullest.

Tells them what a great job they are doing.

Promotes them then slowly tells how he is stuck in a bad marriage.Then you can figure out the rest

to citizens against paulwells #1045051

I would like to very much.But I can't think of a way to do that and keep my family's name out of it.

Now it's four weeks since I got the truth of what happened. Not eating or sleeping well but have a burning hatred in me that wants vengeance. One way or the other I have to do something so as to not feel so shamed.

If he was in Connecticut all our problems would be over.If you all come up with a way to contact you without my family being put in harms way I will do it

to citizens against paulwells #1045062

Tell me how to without putting my family name in jeopardy.Day by day the hatred grows stronger.

I'll be glad to tell you what a creep he is . He also thinks he can keep doing this without repercussions.

Well he is wrong .Help me to help you and maybe I can finally get a nights sleep

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