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they had kayaks on sale so decided to go . ended up saving a little money by getting a store credit card.

so paid off and since store is over a hour drive from home we dont go often. well they canceled my card without advanced notice by phone or mail. cuased my credit score to drop 85points. right while in the middle of refi on house.

and only a month and a half before christmas. now thats *** on there part for now i am pissed. they loose more customers and money by the way they treat people. I called and complained and they refuse to do anything about it but I can apply for a new card.

and what do another inquiry on my credit *** NO! so just becuase i dont go there everyday and rack up dept on a card they try to distroy my credit.

shame on them and i will never stop writing reviews against them. 738 to 653 score drop that is JUST WRONG AND BAD BUSINESS STAY AWAY FROM DICKS

This reviewer shared experience about "card services" and wants this business to "never go there" as the author lost $100000. bbnoyes is overall dissatisfied with Dicks Sporting Goods. The most disappointing about dicks sporting goods customer care at Dicks Sporting Goods was customer service assistance , but reviewer liked i would have rated 0 or minus stars if given the option. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Where to start on this one... you thought opening a credit card would boost your credit score?

That's not how it works bub. And after. Or using it for, I assume more than a year they turn it off, which please explain to me how THAT effects your credit score. The lower your potential credit the better the score.

Furthermore, you rated every aspect of dicks sporting goods a one star?

What does the website have to do with the fact you can't afford your mortgage and can't figure out how credit scores work. Because of dicks sporting goods you say you "lost $100,000" you are by far the stupidest person I have ever met

to Ronald mcdonald #1317304

ronald mcdonarld, your obvious a paid responder. I for one have great credit and like to keep it that way.

yes the more availible credit the better your score. as for your coment about a morgage thats just ***. My bills are always paid early or on time. The report is for their lack of cominication.

How hard would it have been to send email or letter saying that lack of use or inactive card can be cancelled. that is just bad customer relations. when you cancel a card it drops your score just like haveing more than 30% usesage on it.

Maybe you need to learn a little bit about how credit works before chimming in on a report. Just saying

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