Oct. 18 2008 5:15 P.M.

Springfield Illinois

I went to the mall to shop at Dicks with the gift card I had received for my birthday. I went to the gun department where two clerks or salesman. One was a young person and the other was an older salesman.They were talking and had no other customers when I walked up and asked for help.

The younger clerk didn't know much about the guns I was asking about so he asked the older clerk if he knew anything about the guns. He said yes and proceeded to talk to me when some younger customers came up and barged in asking their questions.

The older salesman just ignored me and started talking to these other younger customers. The younger clerk also started talking with the other customers totally ignoring me. I had to walk away because I could see they wanted to talk to these other younger customers.

I feel I was discriminated against. No I know I was discriminated by Dicks employees.

I will never go into another Dicks Sporting Goods Store and will tell everyone I know not to purchase anything at Dicks Sporting Goods Store

I am thinking about asking my attorney about this situation.

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Now I somewhat agree with the parts of the above comments saying: "can you probe they ignored you because you were old"; but I most definalty DO NOT agree with the parts (which was most of the messages by the way) talking about how this person is "...a ***"- & zo on!!

This person maybe older but just because their perception of the actions od the sales people is in fact his opinion (which is his right); but that does not necessary mean those of you commenting can assume he is *** for feeling that way!! NO body should assume they know how someone else feels about being treated rudely - ESPECIALLY if all of ya'"" were NOT even there when it happened!!

How the *** would y'all know if it really wasn't because he was older or not if you didn't witness it??

To whoever you are who went through that, posted your experience, only to get called *** (or "an ***") - I am sorry for all of it even though I don't know you.

No body should be made to feel dumb by anyone especially by people that weren't there with you. (which is actually really rude if none of y'all have any common sense or manner by the way).


U r an ***....the other kids were prob going to steal something so they took care of them...

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #43312

I hate to break it to you Boney Curtis, but that is not discrimation.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43232

Oh please, you think you can contact your attorney over this, well you can't. First of all can you prove they did this because you were old.

I am glad that they did not sell you the guns. You just don't sell guns to nuts especially after Columbine and 9/11 they have strict rules about selling guns. They were rude to you but can you prove it was because you were old. Otherwise you will just be wasting your money on a lawyer.

This is why people say America is Suing crazy. Thanks for proving that theory to an already discriminated upon nation.

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