I went in with some items to exchange from Christmas. I had the receipt to one of the items but not 2 others. I was doing even exchanges for all the items so I figured it would be a straight forward transaction. BUT, since I didn't have the receipt, I was only given a $15 credit to go towards the $30 flip flops I was exchanging. So, to get the flip flops in the right size, I had to pay ANOTHER $15. If the merchandise had been on the floor at a sale price, I would have potentially understood. But they were not.

Additionally, with a $59 sweatshirt, I was only given a credit for $43.

This is no way to treat repeat customers!! What a rip off!!

I would suggest the policy be to give a merchandise credit equal to the current price of the merchandise in the store, or an exchange of the merchandise.

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Ur store isa joke so many rude workers


I find it mind blowing that you walk in to a store, a big store with many store locations nation wide, with no proof of purchase for the items you have, because that's what a receipt is, and you expect them not only to take your word that none of this was stolen or bought elsewhere, but ALSO give you ticket price?I invite you to try and go to other big retailers and see how they treat returns without a receipt.

You'll find they will have a similar if not more strict policy.Without a proof of purchase, when you try to return those items you either look like someone who stole a bunch of stuff to get free store credit, or an *** that throws out the receipt before knowing everything fits.


Actually the person that was that the register or whatever was actually very very nice and considerate because you didn't have your receipt it's up to their discretion whether they want to do it or not they can say it didn't come from here and take it somewhere else they were being considerate and allow you to do it the reason it was short it's because they give you the sale price from the last 90 days so most times that's so that people don't buy something on sale and then try to return it when it still comes off trying to make money so if you return stuff if you're going to take that loss just just the way it was but did you you were handled great and the customer service isn't an issue to their people like you were the issue I think you're entitled to everything with somebody owes you something he didn't have to return the other s*** that's not in their policy if they do not have to return it without a receipt especially if they can't say that they have sold that item if they haven't sold the item they really don't think so think about that next time

to Kyle Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1264099

Kyle, you're a *** ***. Still sucking on mama tit?

Monticello, Illinois, United States #1263476

Your a *** ***. If you don't have the receipt how could you expect to get credit off of it

Nolensville, Tennessee, United States #1260966

You should have asked for a store manager.Even exchange in which you are exchanging one size for another shouldn't cost you a dime unless there is generally a price differential between sizes.

Price differential due to a sale, etc. should not affect an even exchange if they have the item in stock at the time you want to even exchange. Managers understand this and they understand the need to keep you coming back.

If you still got the shaft after speaking with the manager a well worded letter to the CEO will often solve your issue.Most people won't take the time to write a CEO unless they are supremely pissed and in today's world of social media most CEOs know that given you a few dollars of instore credit is much cheaper than the damage you can potentially do on a social media platform by sharing the actions of an unreasonable or poorly trained store associate.

Old Lyme, Connecticut, United States #1255126

It would make no sense for the store to refund you the current price of the item because that's not how much the person paid for it. They would end up paying you which makes no sense at all.

to Anonymous Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #1264089

yeah I said it my comment as well you get the sale price from the last 90 days someone is not going to pay retail if there's a sale price but this is not how it works people at so I can go in and buy something for 80 on sale for 80 and then wait for it to come off sale and then try to go get a hundred for it that's not how it works people are so *** and ignorant and feel entitled and that people owe them something if they would just read the policies or read anything help 6 year old kindergarten book maybe they would understand things a little better, self entitlement is the worse attribute in a person, is disgusting

Garden City, New York, United States #1188005

can anybody tell me how many no receipt returns you are allowed to do at dicks?a couple months ago i had to return some stuff my mom bought for my little brother but for some reason the computers were being weird and wouldnt scan more then one item so they gave me 3 different gift cards at that one time.

and a slip was printed out saying i may not be able to make another no receipt return.

But now i have something for myself and i dont actually like how it looks or fits on me so i want to return it but i threw out the receipt.can anybody tell me when my no receipt returns will renew?

to Anonymous Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #1264092

Yeah stores go like this.....***'s has no spending no cash limit but they do 3 returns you can get an override by a manager if it's a used 3 early in the year and then at the end of the year you need a new one you can get a manager to override it target has three returns but they also have a money cap on it so you can use one return and get $600 back then you may not have any more returns or you can use 3 returns for I know that I used three returns at Target for $200 apiece so there you go Walmart 3 but they're really hard do they try to *** and say that we can only give you $50 on each return call manager tell him know I get 3 returns year one return is this item Lira Galore this bag of items Best Buy 3 returns Home Depot 3 returns Lowe's 3 returns Kohl's has a no no hassle return policy they will take back anything as however many times no questions asked they do not care Macy's no hassle I'll take whatever yes so that's the stores that I know I'm pretty much you get three returns at every store some stores are so cold they don't care office depot/officemax they have a no-hassle return they're not supposed to ask you anything about the product was wrong with it nothing just posed to do it so but I do know from experience Kohl's because I bought a present so everybody presents from Kohl's and you know my sister asked me hey we take this back then my mom asked me hey would you take this back and then my daughter or someone daughter stuffed it and so I think I made like 5...

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