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Today, CEO Ed Stack of Dick's Sporting Goods will no longer sell any semi-automatic weapons in any of its stores (despite fact that 97% of U.S. gun shootings are by handguns) and then ignorantly uses the left's description of these single-shot weapons as "assault weapons". What a virtue signaling and cowardly decision.

It's Dick's decision to keep a simpleton like Stack on as CEO, but our family will NEVER shop at another Dick's again because of this decision.

Like Target infuriating a large segment of their customers by allowing {{Redacted}}claiming that this is because Target is so virtuous, Dick's can expect to suffer the same fate of rapidly declining sales revenue.

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I will never do business at Dick's Sporting goods again.It's they're choice what not to sell and it's mine to go somewhere else. Good luck with that business plan.


will never buy from these *** again . never!


For the unwavering supporters of the 2nd amendment just look at what the amendment says...A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. If you feel this means that any citizen of the United States should be able to own any gun they desire do you also believe that a 5 year old should be able to own a gun, how about a United States citizen that supports ISIS, is a convicted felon, how about a senior with alzheimer's disease that can't recognize their family or know where they live, the kid down the street that shoots neighbors pets for fun....the list goes on and on.

Yes, they are all citizens. There are just certain people that shouldn't have a gun at all and there are classes of guns that don't belong in the hands of civilians either.

Think about it. Do certain limitations make common sense?

to Anonymous #1465408

There you go blowing your argument out of per portion. No one is saying that those who are, mentally unstable, convicted felons, or toddlers should have guns.

Please stop blaming an inanimate object on the actions of a person, A MURDERER. Which by the way slipped through, local, state and federal agencies. It's not the gun, it's societies lack of respect for humanity.I'm okay with changing the age to 21. If the argument is that 18 is too young to purchase a long arm we should do the same with driving.

There are more deaths and injuries caused each year by young inexperienced divers in this country than guns. I'm sure you're fine allowing 17 year olds to join the military, FYI they learn to use firearms efficiently there, don't they?As for military assault style weapons?, AR15s are NOT. You judge on appearance, not function. They work no differently than a semi-auto 742 Remington DEER rifle.

Change the stock to a wooden one and most people unfamiliar with firearms wouldn't recognize it as an AR platform.As for your thoughts on the second amendment look up the word INFRINGED.

Because the people owned their firearms and had them with them they would constitute the state militia, not the other way around. Quit taking it out on the 99% of law abiding gun owners.And to quote Ben Franklin “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


I will NEVER enter a Dick'a store again. Our 2nd Amendment Rights are under attack all over.

I do not need to spend money supporting one of the attackers. Too bad to.

I loved Dick's. I shall miss it.

to Rob #1440100

How are they attacking your 2nd amendment rights? They are still selling pistols, shotguns and standard rifles.

The just quit selling the high capacity guns originally designed for military use to kill people. I'd be willing to bet that if the founding fathers had ever dreamed of guns with modern capacity that the 2nd amendment would have been written differently.


For all those who feel that semiautomatic guns with high capacity magazines have no place in the civilian world Dick's has done a great thing. If you haven't shopped there in the past go to Dick's and support them with a purchase for doing something your congressman or senator hasn't had the courage to do. Great job Dick's.

to Anonymous #1440446

great idea. my uncle was killed by his friend at 9 yrs old...they were playing with a is the kicker this happened in 1937 and we have learned nothing in the 81 years since.

to Anonymous #1464977

So, I’m Back! Deal with it…Anonymous I require you to stop BREATHINGSO, I’m walking away from *** Sporting Goods.

They walked away from the NRA, I now walk away from *** Sporting Goods.NO DEAL on GUN Control. Lack of Law Enforcement is the reason this happened. A sheriff failed to act on gunfire. Might have been AFRAID the shooter was using assault rifle with armor piercing ammo, common green tip.

Folks STOP voting for All Levy’s …JUST stopWhen the Sheriff’s office pays 750 Million dollars in lawsuits, they will again, ask the public for more money….VOTE NO….I’m almost 59, and never missed an election, VOTED NO on each and all tax levy’s all my life.

How do you like me now?Who wants to meet me? There are other company’s that walked away from the NRA, I’ll fix them too…Just stay away from Avis Group

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