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Update by user Dec 04, 2014

It is almost one month (Nov. 11) since my first email complaint was sent to D$&%'s BAD Sports, followed up on November 17 and 20.

I just sent off NUMBER FOUR repeat email. I have NEVER received any reply whatsoever!! (auto-response DOES NOT COUNT!!!)

They have obviously grown too BIG and ALOOF - and have chosen to ignore my requests.


Therefore, I hereby recommend EVERYONE to avoid this over-sized, uncaring chain and spend your dollars with their competitors - especially the small-business independents!!

Update by user Nov 24, 2014

*** UPDATE ***

I sent followup emails to D***'s on November 17 and November 20 - and still no reply from them. They most obviously want to sweep this under the proverbial rug.

I will be re-sending the same every 3 - 4 days until they wake up and smell the stench of their unscrupulous business practices!

As they have apparently chosen to ignore my emails (and, most likely, emails from others), I feel it necessary, for myself and others, to avoid making purchases from this well-established, big-box fly-by-night establishment.

Original review posted by user Nov 17, 2014

I sent this email to ***'s on November 11 - I have yet to hear from them - even though they state that they will respond within 2 business days / 48 business hours. I seriously believe that they have intentionally withheld inventory during the advertised sale period.

My email to ***'s...

I am located in North Jersey. I received a flyer from your company posting sale prices on ammunition. I went to the Wayne store that just opened and was offering triple points on purchases. As it turns out, that store’s gun department is waiting for several government approvals before being allowed to sell these products. I feel I have been cheated out of a substantial purchase with this week’s discount pricing on ammunition and the added value of the triple scorecard points.

Furthermore, I went to your Rockaway, NJ location, a much longer ride for me, assuming they had sufficient stock on hand for the sale offering. I was looking to restock as I am out of .22, .380, 9MM, and shotgun shells. They had NO STOCK on anything, other than the shotgun shells - only large bulk packs that were not on sale.

This appears to be blatant false and misleading bait-and-switch advertising - leading me to the point of avoiding shopping in your stores and recommending my friends and family to do the same.

Is there any way you can rectify this situation?

Reason of review: NO stock on sale items.

Preferred solution: I need to await a response from Dick's as I sent this followup email today due to their failure to respond within the stated time period..

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A) You could just call before you drive there...

B) Sweet internet rant about this injustice against your god given merica rights to shoot small caliber bullets.

C) It says right one the ad while supplies last, it is also a national ad printed weeks in advance.

So when some crazy red neck like yourself that thinks the government and big daddy corporate is out to get them comes in an buys all the ammo the store can't stock fast enough for the ad.

D) being *** is hard

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