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I purchased two pair of Asics Duomax Running shoes at Dicks on 4/24. The one pair was identical to my last purchase at ***'s.

The 2md pair squeaked when I walked in them for the first time. the 2nd and 3rd time I wore the shoes the squeak got louder and very annoying. I returned the shoes to ***'s on 5/20 to be told that there was nothing that could be done to help my complaint. I told the service guy that I wouldn't wear the shoes because people asked me what was wrong with my shoes...The noise was very irritating.

***'s just lost my business. I usually buy 2 or 3 pair at a time plus numerous other clothes and athletic equipment there. Never again. Your $129.00 pair of shoes just cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in purchases because of your terrible customer service policy.

The service agent also told me if the shoes were torn or something was falling off and "looked" like something was wrong, he would be allowed to help me, but because the shoes looked worn (after 4-5 wears) that he was not going to help me.

Thanks ***'s, NEVER again will I do business with you, nor will my wife, daughters, nephews, or grand children. You need to change your policies to serve customers instead of yourself!.

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It always tickles me to see people act like THEIR hundreds of dollars are keeping a business afloat. Lets do some math real quick.

On a typical weekday your local DSG probably grosses between 18 and 25 thousand dollars a day. On the weekends they can gross anywhere from 20-35 thousand dollars. Now, lets assume this store is having a bad day and they only pull in 15 thousand.

Your "hundreds" of dollars amounts to anywhere between less than a whole percent of their sales that day to maybe 2 or 3 percent if you go all out on your shoe purchase. So yeah, I'm sure they're just terrified that for the non-existent price of "hundreds" of dollars they never have to deal with you again, and yes I do mean DEAL with you.


I've heard this one before... come on be honest, you were returning those five month old shoes right...

I'm no ***.

The old buy the same model she and return your old sweaty masty smelly pair. You weren't the first to think of that scam bub, come up with something new.


Most, if not all running shoes sold here are made by some yellow guy working in a sweatshop in some foreign land and thus are all basically junk. I buy my running shoes at WalMart for around $12 a pair and they work fine but still are cheaply-made and wear out or break sooner, rather than later.

However, since I wasn't dumb enough to pay over a hundred dollars a pair, I just go and buy another $12 pair and it's off to the run! By the way, you should never buy anything at ***'s Sporting Goods anyway after what they did to cancel orders a few years ago that some sportmen made.

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