I bought a bicycle and the "manager" took my cash $560 and handed me an owners manual without reciept also i purchased extended warranty which they now have no recollection of.The manager refuses to help solve situation but rather just "blow" me off.

I have no reciept for items i just pd $560 for.

I made a police report but I don't think it will help.I'm happy with my bicycle but I own a business myself and I know that if 1 of my customers made a purchase I would expect them to get a reciept or else I would know that the employee was stealing

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If you bought a bike with them they go through pretty extensive paper work... Plus warranty info etc. I don't get how you would'nt have any proof of your purchase.

Falmouth, Maine, United States #78960

afraid you wont get any help here. just the ***(s) lovers respond.


The indians didn't get a receipt when they sold manhattan....and look what happened to them :grin

I also have some swamp land to sell...cash only! :grin


Which was it $550, at the title says or was it 560 that the story says?? Someone has their facts confused, so it explains the other problems you are having??


Which was it $550, at the title says or was it 560 that the story says?? Someone has their facts confused, so it explains the other problems you are having??


lol my little brother will ask for a reciept and he is what 5 man i don't blame the manager for not giving you a reciept

Badami, Karnataka, India #27372

come on guy! ASK for a receipt- what the *** is your problem? its one thing to be a pissed off consumer- its another to be a freaken ***!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #26621

Well arn't you old enough to ask for a receipt for an expansive item?One would think you would make sure you had one with such an expensive bike.

Or perhaps you are just some little kid that is way too young to go shopping by yourself.Perhaps you need an adult to shop with you to make sure you had your receipt.

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