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I don't know if all ***'s Sporting Goods stores are the same but the one in Smithfield, RI has to have the worst salespeople in the world. My wife and I just visited the store ( it was a ghost town!)...

After 15 minutes of looking for assistance we went to the "service" desk.

The young lady tried to get a response on her walkie talkie from a floor salesperson without a lot of success. She said she'd send someone to the department (we were looking for snowboarding equipment for a grandson.

After 3 trips to the service counter finally the most inattentive salesperson came over.. we asked for size 2...he handed us a box and basically left...

at the checkout the attendant said this is size 5...not 2.. we left without a purchase... not to return...

now we know why the store was a ghost-town... you get what you deserve.

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Yeah,I was at the ***'s Sporting Goods in Buford Ga. And I was shopping for a sweater for my father for Christmas and I asked the sales associate if the price on the shirt was correct because there was a label on it that was on clearance but I wanted to make sure that the price was correct.

He said he wasn't sure that he would ask a manager. Well he had asked one of the managers for assistance and the manager try to ignore him. So he tried asking him again and the "overweight, bearded,cigarette smoke smelling,poor excuse for a" manager gave me a angry look, snatched the product from the poor associate's hand and STORMED to the register in a FURIOUS mood.

He was INCREDIBLY rude and very DISRESPECTFUL...***, the man should be FIRED for his actions! That is POOR SERVICE!!!..I think his name was Brian or somethin.Anyway, that guy was a ***!

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