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I purchased two pairs of running shoes from ***'s Sporting Goods, one pair at the store in Escondido, CA and the other on their website, both Brooks running shoes. They were listed at a "sale" price, originally $109.99, "on sale" for $99.99 each. After receiving them I was doing searches for other running items and found the same shoes at FinishLine.com, which also has retail stores, for $79.98, a significant savings from ***'s "sale" price. I found this within two weeks of my purchaces which fell well within ***'s 30-day return/exchange policy.

I called the store in Escondido and asked if they would honor the price difference and was told that if FinishLine had an actual retail store they would honor it but I would have to go to the store, take a picture of the shoe and the price, and then bring it to the Escondido store to "prove" the shoes were less than ***'s. Talk about making it difficult for the customer! My question was why could they not call the FinishLine store and verify the information and they said they do not do that!

I also called ***'s website to ask if they would honor the price difference for the shoes I ordered online and they said "No, because their price was a "special" price, not a "sale" price like FinishLine, therefore it was not the same thing." Huh?

First, that is irrelevant to the customer. Your retail-speak means nothing to the consumer who sees the same product for less money at your competitor. Second, when you make it difficult to do business with your company, consumers will go elsewhere, especially when you are not the only game in town.

I was then told that I could return the shoes and buy them from FinishLine if I wanted to get the better price! Well, that's exactly what I did and ***'s has lost a good potential customer. I buy a lot of fitness clothing and refer friends to different places. I make sure they do not go to ***'s. With Sports Authority, Sports Chalet, Big Five, and a slew of online resources, who needs to be treated with disregard.

I completed an online feedback survey from a company they hired for feedback and explained the situation. It included contact information for follow up. I never heard a thing but I didn't expect that I would. That's who they are.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Not all stores do price matching and when they do it has to be the exact same item and depending on what the item is, weight, etc.

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